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Windows PC Health Check v3 5 220404001

Windows PC Health Check v3 5 220404001


Size: 606 B


License: Freeware
Languages: English
Author: Microsoft
Author URL:


Free PC health checker
The PC Health Check software is a Windows 11 compatibility tool. It’s the official Microsoft utility for checking if your PC fulfils all the conditions to upgrade to Windows 11. It lists specific essential hardware components in your OS, but its main goal is to check if your current system can run the upgrade. 
Microsoft Corporation has developed this free utility. You can download it free in English for your Windows 7 up to Windows 10 operating systems. Other utilities you can use to check your Windows system are Windows 11 Compatibility Check, Ashampoo Windows 11 Compatibility Check or WinPass11

How to use
You must first download the installer to your local storage and run it on your PC. It displays a prominent banner on top, promoting the new upgrade. Click the blue ‘Check Now’ button to start the scan.
The utility has a simple dashboard that lists essential hardware and operating system features. These features are:

  • The name of the PC
  • The central processing unit (CPU)
  • RAM and storage size
  • Backup & Sync OneDrive Syncing
  • Windows update state, storage capacity, and last startup time

Unfortunately, the utility doesn’t list the actual conditions for running the new upgrade. 

Windows 11 system requirements
Your system requirements are a 1 GHz dual-core and 64-bit CPU, 4 GB RAM, and more than 64 GB storage space. It should also have a DX12 compatible graphics card, TMP 2.0, and a motherboard that supportsSecure Boot. 
The need for TMP 2.0 and Secure Boot implies that older PCs will need hardware upgrades. 

Microsoft official tool vs. WinPass11
The Microsoft tool is handy if you only need to know if your OS can run Windows 11. But if your PC doesn’t comply, WinPass11 offers solutions for incompatible hardware so that you can upgrade regardless. It makes use of an executable file that, bypasses the Secure Boot and TMP 2.0 specifications and installs the upgrade to your PC.

Check Windows 11 compatibility
The only purpose of the official Microsoft PC Health Check tool is to scan your PC to check if your system meets the Windows 11 system requirements. It doesn’t provide you with the actual requirements themselves and only lists particular hardware and features found on your system. 
The latest release expands the checking functionality with improved messages and links to support articles with possible remedies. 

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