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Windows Firewall Control v6 8 1 0 Multilingual

Windows Firewall Control v6 8 1 0 Multilingual


Size: 606 B


License: Freeware
Languages: Multilingual
Author: BiniSoft
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Windows 7 Firewall Control – How to Change the Firewall Settings on Your Computer
Windows 7 Firewall Control v3.0 allows you to easily specify the various blocking options for internet traffic. This makes controlling your system much easier and less confusing. Before Windows 7 Firewall Control v3.0 you had to resort to using the Windows Firewall utility program which was not only difficult to use but also not very reliable at blocking specific traffic. You also had to be very careful as there were many fake programs that would show up as if they were legitimate programs on your system when in fact they were not. This meant that you could get rid of all the problems by reinstalling the actual Windows Firewall utility program but that would leave you with a broken PC. With the Windows 7 Firewall Control v3.0 however you are able to specify which traffic can and cannot go through the firewall. It also gives you the ability to deny any traffic that you do not want to be allowed access to. For example you can set the Windows Firewall Control to deny any website from sending you email but then allow you to view the email on the internet. So basically with this free program you can completely customise how the firewall will behave and exactly what type of traffic it will block.
If you want complete control over the firewall settings on your computer then you need to use a software firewall program such as Microsoft Internet Security. You can enable and disable the various Windows Firewall options in this new software and whenever you require tweaking a particular setting you just need to click on the Properties tab of the Windows 7 Firewall Control Panel and then click on the Save tab. When you enable the Windows Firewall Control feature on your computer, it will start automatically and you should not need to manually turn it on. You will however need to configure the various Windows Firewall features in order for them to work correctly. If you are having trouble with the Windows firewall settings, you may want to have a quick read of some of the articles online at this site about Windows Vista and Windows 7 Firewall.

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