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WifiInfoView 2 76

WifiInfoView 2 76


Size: 606 B


License: Freeware
Languages: English
Author: Nirsoft
Author URL:


WifiInfoView – A Free Tool to Monitor PC Signal Quality
WifiInfoView is simply a free software utility that provides users with detailed information on all accessible wireless networks in the surrounding area. You can use WifiInfoView to easily get the details of available networks as well as to configure your own network. WifiInfoView also supports scanning for open Wifi hotspots. It is one of the most efficient network monitoring tool available in the market for Windows operating system.
One of the main unique features of WifiInfoView for Windows is its ability to directly connect to a Wifi router, even if it’s not connected to the internet. This feature helps you to scan for available networks even if they are out of coverage area and you still get detailed and accurate information. You can also use WifiInfoView to scan for available SSIDs. With the help of SSID search, you can easily determine the signal quality of any Wifi connection whether you are using a laptop or a desktop computer. The extensive information provided by WifiInfoView includes mac address, vendor name, country, and frequency of the signal.
Another amazing feature of this free tool is its compatibility with PC managers such as System Mechanic and Smart Manager which allows WifiInfoView to automatically detect available wireless networks as well as provide the necessary configuration for connection. For example, if you are using Windows Mobile and you want to connect to a hotspot in Hong Kong, simply install WifiInfoView and open the app. You can select the available wireless networks in Hong Kong and choose a network from the "Network" drop-down menu. Using this simple yet useful free tool, you will easily monitor your PC’s signal quality every time you connect to a Wifi hotspot.

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