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Telerik UI for PHP 2022 1 301

Telerik UI for PHP 2022 1 301


Size: 606 B


License: Full_version
Languages: English
Author: Telerik
Author URL:


Free scripting language
Those familiar with web development are likely aware that PHP is one of the go-to scripting languages for that environment. PHP is popular because the standard interpreter with the Zend Engine is free. There are many free extension libraries to support users who use this language. As with all software, users are encouraged to use the most up-to-date version for security purposes. 
This language is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, macOS and OpenVMS. You can follow PHP on Twitter. If you’re a PHP user, you may also be interested in acquiring an elePHPant, a stuffed elephant with the language logo on the side. Similar apps include Atom or Sublime Text.  

PHP advantages and disadvantages
PHP is implemented in both C and C++ languages. New versions of PHP are released on a year-to-year basis and supported for three to four years. Similar to a lot of open and free software, users are encouraged to assist with Beta testing. If you decide to download this tool, be sure to follow the available guidelines. Some versions aren’t recommended for production, as they have not been fully vetted. Users can report bugs with the PHP Bug Tracking System
PHP also goes beyond pure web development. It can be used to develop GUI (graphical user interface) applications with a special extension. This language can also be used for command-line scripting. It’s an extremely popular language used for sites such as Wikipedia and content management sites like WordPress. However, it has been known for its security disadvantages as well.  

How do I use PHP?
If you have never used this language before, download XAMPP, the PHP development environment. Then, use the setup wizard to complete the installation process. Once the setup wizard is finished, you can start writing your code with your favourite code editor, such as Atom or Sublime.  

Server-side, backend chief
PHP is everywhere on the internet. Most web developers should already have some PHP experience. For example, PHP is easier to use than Python. PHP is also useful when working with databases. 
You can also use it to embed in HTML. This makes it perfect for online business activities.

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