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Key Remapper 1 11 0 435 Multilingual

Key Remapper 1 11 0 435 Multilingual


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License: Full_version
Languages: Multilingual
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Key Remapper – Remap Your Keyboard With ATNSOFT
In this article I’ll explain how to use Key Remapper to remap your keyboard keys. You can use this tool to swap your default keyboard layout, or you can replace Tab with Ctrl. You can also block modifiers and single key presses. Some programs have macro tools that remap keys and operate shortcut services. However, you’ll need to save them in your system’s memory first. After that, you can easily swap any key with the one you want. You can remap virtually any key in Key Remapper. It can also remap mouse buttons. You can create multiple profiles for different purposes and use them to customize your keyboard. The app includes a profiles management block and a main area to configure replacements and key blocks. The profiles section lets you create, edit and delete different key mappings. This is the same process you’ll use to set up Windows sound schemes.
If you don’t want to use multiple profiles for the same program, you can disable key input or the mouse wheel. You can even restrict remapping to specific windows and applications. For example, if you want to replace X1 mouse button with Space only in program A, you can do that by simply clicking on the X1 button in the System Tray. Another feature of Key Remapper is the ability to quickly switch between different profiles, allowing you to assign specific keys to specific programs. The software is available for free as a home license, so you don’t have to pay a single cent.

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