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iTop Data Recovery Pro v3 1 0 181

iTop Data Recovery Pro v3 1 0 181


Size: 429.59 KB


License: Full_version
Languages: English
Author: iTop VPN
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Free data recovery software
iTop Data Recovery is a tool to recover lost documents, images, video and audio files on your Windows computer. It also lets you recover lost information on external devices like hard drives, solid-state drives and USB drives.
This recovery software was developed by iTop VPN. You can download it for free in English, German, Russian, Chines, Czech and other languages for Windows 7 to Windows 11. Alternative data recovery software includesFree Data Recovery, Power Data Recovery and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.

Software features
This powerful tool uses unique recovery algorithms to speed up the scanning and restoration of information. It lets you find lost information by location and file type
There are many reasons why data loss occurs, resulting in various degrees of damage. The causes can be a hard drive crash or formatting, a virus or malware, or if you accidentally deleted your files. With the recovery tool, you can handle issues quickly and securely. 
The recovery tool supports thousands of formats, allowing you to recover your information without limitations. This includes many types of storage devices, like solid-state drives, hard drives, USB drives and memory cards. 
The powerful visualization preview shows you the corrupted, deleted and formatted data. It includes MS Office documents, videos, photos and audio. You can see the status of your files to ensure you find what you’re looking for and that the files are recoverable.

Secure and high success rate
iTop Data Recovery requires no registration. This software is also guaranteed to be virus-free. Additionally, your information is secure since the restoration process completes locally. All restoration takes place offline, giving you complete control over the entire recovery process.
The software claims a 95% success rate. Still, it depends on the new data written to the storage device after the data loss. 

Fast and secure file recovery
iTop Data Recovery enables users to recover information in thousands of formats from various storage devices. Its powerful preview feature lets you see your files’ status and whether your files are recoverable before starting the process. 
In the latest release, the developers introduced many software behaviours for users and administrators. 

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