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Doro PDF Writer 2 19 Multilingual

Doro PDF Writer 2 19 Multilingual


Size: 429.59 KB


License: Freeware
Languages: Multilingual
Author: the sz development
Author URL:


A Review of Doro PDF Writer
Doro PDF Writer is a wonderful piece of software that offers all of the benefits of Adobe Acrobat, along with the functionality needed to turn any PDF into an actual HTML page. By simply installing Doro PDF Writer onto your Windows-based machine, you’ll be instantly generating a virtual print tool that produces PDF documents from practically any application that has printing capabilities. For example, if you use Microsoft Office to produce documents, such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents, you can convert these into a Word Document, or even a Word Playlist, in order to share them with others, or to distribute to others on the Internet.
Additionally, Doro PDF Writer also has a number of features that make it ideal for encrypting your PDFs. Currently, the only known form of this encryption is "sha-256", which increases the portability and the effectiveness of the tool by several notches. However, the problem with using just "sha-256" has always been the massive time required to update the embedded keys. This problem is being solved by the implementation of a newer method called "MDB over SSL", which substantially speeds up the process, while making it virtually impossible for anyone to locate and extract the secret information. As a result, Doro PDF Writer now has the ability to generate secure PDFs by default, in a matter of seconds.
The biggest feature of Doro PDF Writer, however, has got to be the integrated Windows Print Server. As detailed by the manufacturer, this new feature allows you to easily send PDF files from your computer to any printer on the market, as long as those devices support PDF viewing. Essentially, as long as your printer has the capability of opening PDFs, such as inkjet, laser, or thermal printers, Doro PDF Writer will connect to them, copies the document, and then convert it into an "accepted" display format (such as Pdf). This connection also allows your colleagues to view your documents without having to download them to their own computers. The ultimate benefit of this functionality, however, is that it takes just seconds to send a document from your desktop or laptop, to your colleagues’ desks, instead of the traditional download process that takes days.

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