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Download the full version of the ATOMIC EMAIL VERIFIER + Tutorial for Windows and Mac.

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The software’s works on Windows and macOS operating systems.

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Description: [b]Email Vulnerability Remover Tool – A Vulnerability Scanner[/b] One of the best ways to avoid the risk of getting caught in a spam filter is to have an eMail Vulnerability Testing tool like eMail Verifiers. With this tool, you can check your e-mails and see whether the messages have been blocked by your filters. It will also check the content of the messages, to ensure that they are not malware or viruses. If you run Windows, then the MaxProg Windows XP compatible version of eMail Vulnerability Testing Tool comes with it. It will verify various single or bulk e-mails sent via MSN, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. (maxprog is multithreaded, offering high rate checking). It will automatically check all the email addresses present in the database, matching them against a pre-determined set of invalid email addresses. When the results come out, you will be able to know that your messages have been blocked and you can continue to send them. This tool will also check the headers sent as well as the subject used for the same email address. The reason for the header verification process is to make sure that the message is not a scam, spam, or any other type of message that is not supposed to be read or opened by the recipient. Another important thing to note about MaxProg is that it verifies the sender’s email address first and then goes on to run a verification process against the rest of the data in the message. By doing this, the sender’s real email address will always stay protected and you can go on enjoying your Internet service without having to worry about your online security. This eMail Vulnerability Remover Tool is a great addition to your computer security arsenal. By installing it on your system and letting it perform regular verification of your incoming e-mails, you can ensure that no unwanted software is getting into your computer. Advertisement

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